Sapaan seorang teman – Wah, bersemangat sungguh.. Siap buat blog lagi..


The idea of making a blog specifically for my excursion with molar pregnancy came out when I was browsing any information related to molar and chemo in the net. I came across molar pregnancy support group – But I was actually hoping to get real life experiences from people suffered with this illness - however I managed to find none from local but one from Canada; and I was so inspired by her –

Her writing has lead me to all information regarding molar pregnancy and the chemo processes – how was the chemo procedure, the side effects, bleeding matter, beta-HCG patterns and such and I hope by writing my own experience I can help those mother out there who undergo the same condition as me.

And I also wish that my story will be end like hers. Aminn…

Sejujurnya, aku menulis bukan untuk menunjuk-nunjuk apatah lagi menagih simpati. :-)

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  1. Saza Says:

    an, aku rindu wad 10U tu.. 7 years aku ulang alik wad tu for my mom treatment .. kalau gi wad tu aku rasa mesti aku blh nanges.. remembering the memories with my late mom.. isk.. anyway.. all the best to you.. u are strong, aku akan setia baca blog ko ni. hehhehe.. good info

  2. ajasuakeem Says:

    Eh...An, aku x pk mcm org tu pk, aku pk cam ko..buat nih semua utk eductae people. Lately lagi senang baca online instead of buying book or looking for it at the library..

    Otro, sedih lak dgr ko ckp gitu...

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