26 December 2008

Pagi at 11.00, we sent Zahra to the taska. Walid and I have decided that I should stay in the hospital at least 10 days, so that we can basically train Zahra to wean. Susah sebenarnya nak putus susu ni- like last nite, she cried and cried when I refused to nurse her. Umi ni plak kesian, so bagi la susu itu.

Jadi kami berharap agar dengan Umi staying in the hospital she would be sooner forget about breastfeeding. And I can also have a good rest.

My chemo procedures started at 4.00pm. First, I’ve been injected with 2ml Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, altogether with 3ml of Grasinetron (anti –nausea). Then, I’ll have to wait for half an hour before the chemo regime start.

My feeling after been injected with Dexa-M was quite funny. All of sudden, I felt itchy at my private part which last like 10 second.

After 30 minutes, the nurse came in and replace the glucose bag with the chemo drug, Methotrexate. I’ll have to take this drug in 500ml normal saline. Nurse told me the course will take like 2 hrs.

In the mean time, I can enjoy playing Zuma.. heheheh..


My first chemo treatment ended at 6.00pm. After chemo, what I felt was:
1. Very thirsty with dry mouth – even in between chemo I do drinks a lot of water, sempat gi toilet for peeing lagi, and
2. Extremely hungry (I can eat a horse.. heheh) – luckily they served dinner at 6pm. So I can eat immediately.

At 7.00pm, I went down, buying chocolate, ice-cream and strawberry milk shake – to indulge myself for successfully complete the first chemo session.. dan lapar pun ye jugak.. habiss la.. gemuk la kunanti, heheh..

By the end of this first chemo treatment, I’ll have 4 more sessions to go.. Chaiyok..chaiyok..

Btw, tomorrow no chemo, instead just consume pill – Calcium folinate.


At 8.00pm, I started to fell some chemo effect:
1) Lidah rasa lidas macam lepas makan nenas
2) Kaki, especially bahagian peha rasa lenguh sangat-sangat

After dicucuk IV-drip

Chemo in progress

This is how my chemo treatment look alike

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