I felt perfect. Tak de rasa sakit-sakit atau pening or what so ever. Must be the drug still in little dosage. Just that I’m bleed and felling hungry most of the time.. heheheh (mencari alasan untuk makan..). And one more things, I’m constipated. Susah nye nak membuang – rasa macam dalam pantang plak.

I have a chat with the senior nurse just now. She said that I must by hook or by crook complete my chemo courses without any delaying. If I have chemo appointment on Monday, meaning I must come on Monday not on Tuesday nor other day. This is very crucial. Once the treatment has been delaying or disrupt, the level of Beta HCG might quickly increase and later on I have to sort of like restart my chemo regime, but this time with higher drug dosage – erm, scary isn’t it?.

Besides that, SN also told me that my course would be like:
10 days chemo session – chemo berselang dengan pil (meaning 5 days chemo, 5 days pills) – then, they take my blood for reading the Beta-HCG level – if the level shows stagnant or drop very little then they’ll start again the 10 days chemo session with higher dosage of drug. Basically after the second session the Beta HCG level will drop and continue to drop (depend on the person itself).

And during the course, I must not get pregnant! This is vital. If I get pregnant, the beta HCG level will rise and even the baby that I’ll carry is normal, my condition would be worsening. I might get a healthy baby but at the same time a cancer maybe develop in any parts of my body – this is more scary right.

But SN also added that, after all courses complete, level of Beta-HCG show >2u/l for 3 continuous months, then the Dr may allowing me to TTC.

Apa pun semua ni di tangan Allah SWT. In paper it might look easy, but in real life it might be different. Dan semua juga bergantung pada masa – cepat atau lambat.. yang paling penting aku kena sentiasa berdoa..

“Ya Allah, ku mohon yang terbaik dari-Mu.. amin”

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