24 December 2008

I woke at 5am. Rasa macam malam yang sangat panjang – or it just me having enough sleep for the first time since 1 and 8 months.. hehehhe.. Later, nurse came in to take my bp and body temp.

Soon after, I expressed my milk – rasa breast penuh sangat, and Alhamdullillah, this morning managed to get 6oz – lama dah tak dapat 6oz in one shot.

My blood result has come out: Beta-HCG aroung 13500 u/l – decreased but stil higher. Thus, Dr suggested for chemo which will start this afternoon.
My feeling: Berserah kira ini yang terbaik.. insya Allah.

At 3.00pm since Walid and Zahra stil haven’t come yet, I expressed my milk – for the last time ever. After this, no more expressing nor direct feeding.

Walid and Zahra come.. Wah, terasa rindu sangat-sangat..
Kita main, main dan main until 4.30pm, which they have to leave goodbye as I’m going for my chemo treatment.
Like a very sad ending story..

Then I wait, wait and wait – for the chemo treatment – but no one turn up, not any Dr nor nurse. Sya came to accompany me. Fed up on waiting, I asked the nurse. And they told me because of some miscommunication my chemo treatment will start on Friday instead.
-- alahai, kalau tak tanya ni mesti ku tak tahu.. tak de sapa pun nak datang inform.

So, I asked permission to just go home. Nothing much I can do just lying in the bed in the hospital, somemore I’ve returned my breastpump and I think it is a huge waste if I cannot express.

-susu yang berjaya diexpres = 15oz-

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  1. Saza Says:

    an.. ko dok wad 10U yek.. sorry to hear about that.. tabahkan hati.. bykkan berdoa.. positive thinking yg kena ada ok..

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