I pumped at 1130pm before going to sleep. Managed to get 5oz – boleh lagi nak pam tapi sebab malas nak tukar botol so let it be jela.

Dr has prescribed me with suppress lactation pills, which I have to claim at the pharmacy before going home tomorrow. I asked Dr, ‘What type of pills is this?’ and he told me is kinda hormonal pills.

Erm, I’m thinking on not taking the pills. I am going for natural sources to suppress my lactation, no more hormonal pills. I had enough with Noriday and Postinor. I think my body can’t accept those pills – I’m not blaming the pills causing my molar pregnancy but somehow been thinking maybe it does has an effect.

Before going to sleep, I called Walid, heard Zahra voice at the back and suddenly I broke into tears. Sedihnya, esok Umi balik umah but then Zahra tak ada.

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