Since my chemo course is like a day on and a day off, I was given a choice whether to keep the IV for next chemo or set up a new IV for each chemo session. I chose to keep it – sebab each time nak pasang adalah sakit sangat kena cucuk and now I have like more than 5 tusukan IV di tangan – 1 during giving birth to Zahra, 1 during my first DnC, 2 during my second DnC (nurse tak jumpa vein so kena cucuk 2 kali), 1 during my first chemo session, and now another one for the third chemo session = Total 6 IV shots (arghhh…)

Tu tak kira ngan tangan lebam-lebam sebab kena amik darah for beta-HCG monitoring. Even though, I’m not phobia having needles here and there in my body, but somehow, kalo dah banyak kali macam ni jadi boring jugak – mual.. bila la nak sudah ni..

But satu je cons nyer: Nak amik wuduq tu jenuh la skit.. But apapun, Solat Itu Wajib :-)

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