Today was my 3rd day chemo session. I arrived at PPUM at 8.30am, and reaching Ward 10U, mostly everybody (who know me – the Dr, Nurses, other patients, cleaner) greeted me. The ward community was so warm.


Staying in the hospital for few days give me a new perspective. I used to work in a hospital but working and staying as a patient is vast different.

I met a few patients which their cases are much more serious than me – one having an ovarian cancer as young as 14 years old, my roommate having cervical cancer few years back and now its seems to coming back, and this one untie who’s been staying in there for three months due to vaginal cancer.

Drs and nurses are also quite helpful. This one Dr, a HO to be exact, pity her sebab asik kena marah je ngan senior Dr. And this very young nurse, baru je masuk keja was so paranoid, wearing double of gloves and mask and what so ever protection she can wear to protect herself from the chemical used for chemo – muda lagi saya ni kak, tak kawin lagi.. hehheheh.. And a Medical student who came to interview me told me that she regretted chosing the path – long working hour and high commitment.. heheheh – macam-macam kan..

Apa pun, having to stay in Ward 10U PPUM for 3 days was an experienced for a life times. Thanks all for being very helpful and generous.

Kalo kita rasa kita ni sakit, ada orang lagi sakit dari kita – Muhasabah diri part III.

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