23 December 2008

We went to the hospital at 11pm. As usual, going to public hospital is ain’t like going to the private. Everything was way too slow. I kept telling myself, “Sabar.. sabar..”.

I finally get admitted around 2.00pm. When we get the room, first thing first is to feed Zahra – she was hungry and it’s already her nap time.

A whole bunch of Dr later came in, took my history, telling me things I’ve already hear and read, the consequences and else and as usual taking my blood for tests.
Zahra woke up at 3pm and both of them left me heading home. I’m sad, but nothing much they can do if they’re staying.

At 4.30pm, I was taken for chest x-ray. And on the way back, guess who I met – Uztaz Haron Din with his wife, in the lift. Really glad to see Orang Alim bila kita tengah sakit macam ni.. even he’s not visiting me, but it seems that he does visiting me.. heheheh

Malam at 8.00, I expressed my milk, Alhamdulillah, managed to get 5.5oz. Then, came to realize that I don’t bring enough bottles to place the milk. So, I rushed to the shop downstairs to buy some bottles but then get this slight idea, - baik beli drink, botol dapat, minuman pun dapat.. hehehhe.. so I bought 2 bottles of Homesoy (kudos to the cute little BPA-free bottles).

Nite without Walid n Zahra for the first time was indescribable. I missed Zahra warm body beside me.

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