When nurse came in at 5am to take by body temp and bp, I asked her if I can get any breastpump as my breast engorges. She said she can lend hers – she’s using Pureen. Alamak, takut nye aku.. tak penah guna ni – memilih la pulak tu!! Then she asked where I want to put the expressed milk, and I said it will go into the drain – tak bole guna due to chemo effect. ‘Oh, chemo..’ she mumbled and left the room.

Half an hour later, she came back – brought the hospital pump – Medela Lactina.
She said its better for me to use the hospital pump rather than use hers – she doesn’t want the chemo drug to contaminate her milk later. And I’m so relieved to see the brand.. heheh..

From my point of view, Medela Lactina works like Spectra3 – single pump with monotonous suction. Bunyi quit loud but bearable la.. tak la kacau orang katil sebelah tuk tido. I managed to get 9oz to feed the drain.

After pumping.. legaaaa…

Medela Lactina

Susu yang diexpress untuk dibuang

2 Responses to "Releasing the Engorgement"

  1. ajasu Says:

    An dearie, saja nk sibuk. You know the rules kan? pump utk released kan engorge je..jangan sampai empty breast, coz by emptying them you'll have more production.. jeles ooo..dpt test lactina

  2. neeza Says:

    Oh thanks Aja for the tips.. Aku ni asik ngepam jer.. dapat bnyk plak tu.. Ish ish..

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