22 December 2008

Today I brought Zahra to the An-Nur Pead Clinic. She’s been infected with chicken pox, and since the clinic is situated next to the An-Nur O&G Clinic, I went in to peek on my result, which shortly found out that I’m stuck in the clinic as the Dr wanted to see me. While waiting for my turn to see the Dr, I asked the receptionist regarding my latest result of my beta-HCG levels - turn out to be not so good – the amount doubled within a week.
And there was me, with sick Zahra, sitting nervously to see the Dr. I called Mat, and luckily he’s able to accompany me to see the Dr. Its good actually – so that he also get the clear picture what had happen to me.
Dr Fatimah said that she’s no longer can handle my case, as for that, she referring me to the PPUM. And I have to be admitted as soon as tomorrow. How shocking was that!!!

I’m going to leave poor sick Zahra with only 5 bottles of EBM (amounted 25oz) for the first time ever.

I cried more harder…

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