5:20 PM

27 Disember 2009

Mama called semalam. They are coming to visit me today. And they also come with a desire. They wanted to take Zahra back to Ipoh, so that I can coming back home and rest and by this Zahra can also be train to wean.

Mat called later to acquire my opinion. I don’t know what to say. I told him that it might be a good idea for weaning Zahra but knowing Zahra, she will be freaking out loud without me or her Walid. Mat then added its better for mama taking care of Zahra – good for family bonding.

And we decide that, Zahra send to Ipoh, and Ummi coming back home to rest.

Balik rumah without Zahra would be a different big story.

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  1. Ina Hashim Says:

    mmg sedey berpisah dgn anak kan....tapi An kene sihat dulu...baru boleh nak jaga zahra...take care dear ye

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