1st chemo session: started on 26th December, ended on 3rd January

What did I feel:
During chemo: Nothing, just feeling cool because the drug is cool.
After chemo: Dry mouth, dry eyes, hungry but yet bloated, constipated with hard stool.

And I gained weight – 2kg. aiseh..

On the first day of my chemo treatment, I had an immense period pain and I bleed lump of bloods (both red and brown). Then on the last day of chemo, I also encounter the same condition, immense period pain with black blood bled.

Bleeding made me worried because it indicated two possible condition:
1. it signaled that you would have a big drop in beta-hcg hormone levels because the mole tissue was dying (good sign), or
2. the mole tissue was continuing to grow and proliferate (bad sign).

My second treatment will start on 12 January. So, for the time being, just lepak-lepak kat umah..

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