1:05 PM

This is my graph.
Still on going chemo (part One) - level still high. dugh..

My last day for chemo (part One) will be tomorrow - 3 Jan 2008.

If the graft shows constant level / no drop meaning another round heading on the way.

Looking forward actually.
Chai yok.. Chai yok..

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  1. Syigim Says:

    anneeza, cannot imagine what ur goin thru....ape2hal you have love n support of your husband, daughter, family n us ok.......

    ur a very strong character (dan kecoh, jgn lupa tu!) so i'm sure you'll get thru just fine.

    so nice reading about nape ko nak stat blog ni in the first place. to share ur experience with others....

    ;) take care n kami suma doakan ko ok?

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