.. since I last updating this blog.
Bukan tak de cerita, banyak sangat cerita but each time I log on to this site – I’ll be feeling very sad. Rasa nak marah jer. So, I opt not to look at this blog and concentrate with the other blog (yang banyak cerita-cerita happy).. heheheh..

First, I’m still on my chemo treatment – now dah masuk cycle 4.
Banyak cerita berlaku on cycle 3 – which sometimes make me feel to giving-up with this chemo course.

Lets start with the beta HCG results:
Levels were at start: 779 539 (21 Nov 2008)
wk 1: 573108
wk 2: 5401
wk 3: 2793
wk 4: 7697
wk 5: 14 428
wk 6: 13470 ---- Start with Mtx
wk 7: 15322 … cycle 1
wk 8: 291 … cycle 1
wk 9: 231 … cycle 2
wk 10: 90 … cycle 2
wk 11: 246 ---- Increased … cycle 3
wk 12: 351 ---- Increased … cycle 3

As u can see, my level increased during my third chemo cycle. Dr assumed that my body might develop resistance to MTX+FA drug regime. And they suggested to change my chemo regiment to higher dose : MTX + ActinoD + FA for the next chemo course.

My responds – of course, I was mad and a bit confused. To clear my thought, I started to dig lot of journals regarding the chemotherapy regiment for GTD and the GTD itself. Found out that 5% of patients that undergo the MTX-FA will start to develop resistant towards the drugs. Argh… (again I considered myself as lucky-one to be in the statistical data)

As for the MTX+Actino-D+FA chemo regime, what will I face is that I’m going do chemo for the straight 10 days:
Day 1,3,5,7,9 – MTX
Day 2,4,6,8,10 – Actino-D + FA
Meaning I’ll have to go to the hospital everyday (fuel and time consuming) and I’ll be pricked everyday as well (sakit duhhh…).

So, since I’ve been reading lot of journals, I noticed that there is other method for those who develop resistant to MTX+FA that been practiced in the Europe country and even in Singapore.
The regime is EMA: Etoposide+MTX+Actino-D for only 2 consecutive days:
Day 1: Actino-D + Etoposide + MTX (for 12 hr)
Day 2: Actino-D + Etoposide + FA
The different is EMA is really high dose of drugs (12 hr of MTX), which I might losing my hair fast enuff.

After talking to the Dr, giving A-Z reasons, I opt for EMA – I don’t want to be pricked everyday, I don’t fell like going to the hospital everyday, and I don’t care being bald (I’m wearing tudung, who will notice it anyway).

Before starting the 4 cycle (EMA-regiment), they took my blood for reading the beta-HCG level. To my surprise (the Dr as well) my result shows 4 - Not 400, not 40 but 4. And the parameter for normal people should be below 2. Alhamdullillah, I can help but to cry. Alhamdullillah, terima kasih Allah swt.

So, here I’m, still on my 4th-cycle of chemo treatment but with the same regiment: MTX+FA.

Dr said that if by end of the cycle, if my beta-HCG show less that 2, I might only need another one cycle to complete my chemo course, and then they’ll just monitor my Beta-HCG weekly or monthly.

I can’t say more: I’m not in charge of anything. Allah swt yang berkuasa.
But I’ll pray for the best. Amin…

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    be strong girl. hopefully this is the last cycle for you.

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