I went to the office this morning - to settle the LNPT, MC, and to claim the Ellaroo..

Everybody in the office was so concern on what had happen to me. They wondered why I have to face all the hassle and gone for the chemo treatment. I just replied – it’s the medical procedures.

When I was diagnosed with this illness, I was so sad – to lose the baby and to know its an abnormal pregnancy, however there’s people came and approached me that by having molar pregnancy is not the end of your fertility. Some shares stories about their relative – having molar and continue to get pregnant 6 months later, and also this lady said to me she used to have molar pregnancy and continue to have normal baby 8 months later. Then, when I asked them about the blood monitoring and beta-HCG, they seems to be unaware.

So, what if I just run from my chemo treatment?
Not turning up for my blood routine check-up?
Ignore all the medical reports and just get pregnant?
What will happen then?

I found this answer:
Molar pregnancies and their management is the easy part. The problem is when they are ignored, not followed adequately, or inadequately treated, because then major problems occur. If a previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and there was no pathologic specimen it may have been an unknown molar pregnancy. If the last pregnancy was a normal term pregnancy and delivery, then nobody would be expecting choriocarcinoma to develop. But it can and it is usually not diagnosed promptly. It can be anywhere in the body and is a very aggressive cancer. It metastasizes widely and early. It is very invasive and destroys the tissue. It bleeds profusely. If it is in the brain then signs of a stroke or seizure may occur; if in the lung then the patient may cough up blood; if in the uterus then irregular bleeding.

Hidup dan Mati itu di tangan Tuhan. Tapi dalam keadaan ini, kita diberi pilihan – memilih untuk hidup atau sebaliknya..

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  1. hawa nurfaniza Says:

    Assalamaulaikum...sy amat bertuah dpt bce blog ni sbb sy mngalami molar pregnancy...puan da memberi sy smgt n inspirasi utk sentiasa positif...blog ni byk memberi sy knowledge to handle it...tq for the info...

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